Steamworks Brewing Co. is a cool little joint in the southern part Colorado, located in the town of Durango.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to actually go to this place, but my fiancé was in Durango and knew I’d been looking at some of the local breweries so she picked up somethin’ tasty (lucky me!).  I read up on them and was impressed to find that all their servers and bartenders are Cicerone Certified beer servers.  If you’re not familiar with Cicerone, it’s a program that offers testing and certification for people working in the beer industry.  If you happen to catch a Cicerone Certified server or bartender at whatever watering hole your at, try picking their brain.  I’m sure they know their shit. Continue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEAMWORKS BREWING”



New Belgium Brewing is the third biggest craft brewery in the country.  They’re better known for beers like Fat Tire and Sunshine, which are both pretty solid considering the quantity produced.  But what I’m really into is their series called The Lips of Faith.  Right now they have a total of 9 different beers that are part of the series.  Each beer tends to be somewhat unique with the use of exotic spices, barrel aging, and the addition of souring agents.  I highly recommend getting your hands on some if you can. Continue reading “NEW BELGIUM LIPS OF FAITH”


I’ve been on this “fresh hopping” kick lately.  Beers made with fresh hops versus dried just seem to be smoother to me.  It’s a characteristic that I think especially works well with IPA’s.  You still get all of the flavor and most of the bitterness that comes with this style of beer, but the more I drink them the more I’m discovering that there is less “bite” to the beer. and that they’re more drinkable. Continue reading “SKA BREWING LOCAL SERIES”