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A wise man once said, "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man." Well, he was right about the first part, but either way - if you're looking for some slick duds, 5&A Dime is a fine choice. Located in downtown San Diego, this self-proclaimed proprietor of haberdashery impressed the likes of even a classless undershirt-and-khakis oaf such as myself.

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Even the door knocker exuded style.

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Whether you are looking for a unique t-shirt or a nice button up 5&A Dime has it all. Each rack was organized by designer.

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Jason does a very nice job of displaying his goods, and definitely makes the most of the limited floor space available.

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Aside from clothing, there are a lot of accessories being sold as well.

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Grandma, is that you?!

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There are many styles of shoes to choose from here! Your feet will thank you later, I promise.

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Jason was hard at work helping us find some choice destinations to supplement our beer pilgrimage between sales.

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While we were checking out the store, we caught these fresh leather key chains bearing the 5&A Dime logo - a little collaboration between them and Edison. A very nice piece which is selling out quick.

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Is that a buffalo? Nope, just Chuck Testa... Wait, no, it is a buffalo.

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This was an awesome piece. 5&A Dime made this for MMA legend Manny Pacquiao and his crew - Pacman dressed up with the colors of the Filipino flag.

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One of my favorite sections of the store was the hat collection. Being an avid fitted hat enthusiast, I just couldn't help but pick up a fresh hat from 10 Deep. I'll grab a fedora next time.

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I'm sure by now you are wondering why this post is on a beer site. First of all, the place is fucking rad, so quit running your mouth, and secondly, 5&A Dime is a great example of the pervasive beer culture in San Diego . Take this bottle of beer for example - a collaborative brew between clothing company Us Versus Them (carried by the shop) and California beer maker Cthulhu Brewing.

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This is just one instance of how subcultures collide in this city. Such killer artwork!  It represents all the different designs that US Versus Them have done in the past. I liked this side of the bottle due to the death grip on my favorite ingredient in beer - hops. As Lovecraft said, "And with strange aeons, even death may enjoy a frosty beverage."

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This Black IPA was brewed with carafa malts to give the beer its dark color, then flavored with Amarillo, Centenial and Simcoe hops to give it that distinct IPA flavor. The Simcoe and Amarillo hops were also used in the dry hopping process as well.

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If you ever find yourself in downtown San Diego, check this place out! Tell 'em the boys at I Drink Good Beer sent ya.

-Steve & Brian

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