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American Sour Beers: A Trend Thats Catching On?

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Sour beers are not something new to the world of beer by any means. Brewers have been pushing the limits and experimenting with spontaneous fermentation for hundreds of years, traditionally in Belgium and Germany.  In the past 10 years, the production of Sour Ale in America has been steadily increasing in the world of craft beer. The taste of sour ale can range from fruity, sweet, and tart to whats often described as "earthy, funky, or horsey".  Do you think sours will ever become a mainstream style?

Nowadays, many brewers have veered away from spontaneous fermentation and the risk of culturing wild critters that could give unpleasant flavors to the final product and use commercially available blends of yeast and bacteria, including Brettanomyces & Lactobacillus. There are many domestic brewers who produce beers of this style, including, California's Russian River & Lost Abbey, Wisconsin's New Glarus Brewing, Maine's Allagash Brewing, and Michigan's Jolly Pumpkin to name a few.

For some more detailed info on sour ale, check out the BJCP Style Guidelines - Category 17 Sour Ale.

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