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Spotlight – Sierra Nevada Torpedo

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Any hop head worth their weight in beer knows of Sierra Nevada and their operations over in Chico, California.  They are one of the nation's leading craft breweries.  Established in 1980, these beer pioneers have been redefining beer's possibilities ever since.   Sierra Nevada is known for all natural hoppy brews made from the best ingredients man can find. The Torpedo is the big brother to the standard Pale Ale - their most widely known beer (aka green caps, coined by a friend).

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Sierra Nevada's Torpedo is a very special beer. It debuted in 2009, and is the brewery's first year round IPA. But this is not just any IPA - it is an Extra IPA. The "extra" means it lies somewhere between a standard IPA and an Imperial or Double. Everything about this beer screams quality. From the elegant label to the finest ingredients ending with a delicious taste, when you get a Sierra Nevada, you know immediately that you are about to have a beer experience.

The Torpedo pours a hazy dark copper with an off white head and a decent amount of lacing. It smells of piny, slightly citrus hops with the flavor following suit. It gets the intense hopping from dry hopping whole cone American hops in a unique torpedo-shaped apparatus (hence the name Torpedo). The whole cone variety gives the Torpedo an edge when it comes to hitting you up front with a total hop barrage: piny, citrusy, with a slight floral note at the end to round it out. Even though hops are this beer's showcase, it is balanced by a sweet malt backbone that keeps everything in check. Don't get me wrong - at around 65 - 70 IBU, this beer is hops through and through but is balanced for some serious drinkability.  The hops really add to the body and mouth feel of this beer.  Each sip contains a little piny resinous texture that coats your mouth with delicious hop goodness.  A medium to full bodied IPA with an equal amount of carbonation makes this delicious beer last.

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Sierra Nevada's Torpedo is THE beer which created my hop addiction. Truthfully, in my lack of beer drinking experience a few years ago, it took me several beers to decide whether I loved or hated it. But based on all the other beers I blog about, I suppose you can deduce that it was successful in winning me over to the hop side. The Torpedo is one of my go-to beers if I don't feel like being adventurous. It is heavy and hoppy enough to have one with a meal but not so heavy that you can't throw a few back for a good session, and at 7.2% ABV it has enough kick to get you going. Give this one a shot if you are looking for a bold IPA that will not disappoint.

- Jared

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