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Style’s – Black IPA’s

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This brew has many names  for its style - I prefer to call it a Black IPA. Others may call it a Cascadian Black Ale, but I guess the formal term is American Black Ale. I didn't really get into to Black IPA's until early this winter and let me tell you, I think I have found my favorite style of beer. There's just something about a hoppy glass of blackness that really gets me going. Maybe its the piney hops I get in the nose, or the roasty malt taste you get on the palate with every sip. It is just a great style and I commend Mr. Greg Noonan from Vermont for its invention and all the brewers that put forth an effort to brew one. Here are a few that I have had over these past couple of months.

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21st Amendment Back In Black - Served in a can, this is by far in my top three favorites of this special style.

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Otter Creek Alpine Black - Another one of my top three picks for this style. It's from VT so if you can't find it anywhere in the US, at least stop by Otter Creek when you're in VT and try to get a glass. It's also perfect for ice fishing.

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Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, so stoked this beer is available year round now. Piney, malty and very drinkable.

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Full Sail Bump In The Night - This one was decent - not bursting with flavors like 21st Amendments or Otter Creek but good nonetheless and very drinkable.

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Avery New World Porter "A Pioneer Black IPA" - It is a porter they decided to dry hop it and it makes for a great tasting brew.

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Lake Front BA - Nothing really stood out on this one for me. Maybe it was a little too roasty but it wasn't as hoppy as I hoped but it was a good beer.

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Blue Point Toxic Sludge - I had a few pints of this at a restaurant that I will no longer mention at IDGB ever again but that aside, Toxic Sludge is amazing brew and number 1 for my list of Black IPA's. Citrus, piney and roasty notes work together to make a well balanced beer with good drinkabilty but most certainly not a session beer.

Black IPA's are getting popular and more breweries are taking a stab at making this dark, hoppy brew. With that said I hope to revisit this style with a new cast of characters at a later point. This is my favorite style of beer and I hope it's made you curious enough to try a Black IPA next time you come across one. Cheers!


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