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Bolero Snort Bull Blood

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So many new breweries are popping up this year. Whether here in our home state of NJ or elsewhere in America, I am constantly finding out about new operations on the rise. One in particular grabbed my attention recently - Bolero Snort. Owner Bob Olson and his partner Andrew Maiorana are brewing up some distinct and flavorful beers, such as an imperial sweet potato ale, along with ginger bread cookie brown ales. 

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We were gifted this bottle of Bull Blood from our friend Joe over at Cask & Kettle to break us into the world of Bolero Snort. Bob originally meant for this brew to be a sweet and chewy red ale, but the brown malt of the grain bill had other plans. This red/brown hybrid is sure to please your pallet with plenty of roasted notes and hop flavor.

This is just one of the crazy concoctions Bob is turning out, and I am dying to try more. He is definitely making some unique beers and will be a welcome change to your usual beer routine. Visit Bolero Snort on Facebook and their website for up to date information and events where Bob will be sampling his beers. We had a blast tasting this one and can't wait to do more with Bolero Snort in the near future.

Bolero Snort


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