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Brew Masters Switches Again

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brew masters episode2 325x205 Brew Masters Switches Again

An all new Brew Masters will air tomorrow night at 8pm ET on Discovery.  Thats right, they switched time slots again but I am not mad.  I prefer the early slot versus the late spot for a number of reason, but the sole reason as its a little to late to be cracking a beer at 10 o'clock on a week night when you have 7am punch in time at work.  Don't miss this episode!  Dogfish Head gets approached to make a beer with cedar chips and 120 IPA gets flagged for quality control.


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  1. While I’ve been really happy with the show, the time-slot shuffling has already gotten a little tiresome. This is how good television programs die; people who want to watch the show can’t find it.

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