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Brooklyn Blasted Steak

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I few weeks ago I was at my local watering hole sampling some of the latest brews that were tapped and halted on a brew from Brooklyn Brewery called Blast. A limited draft only release from our friends in Williamsburg. Brooklyn Blast is a Double IPA that is part of Oliver Garrett's Brewmasters Special Reserve Series.  This series consists of very special brews available in limited quantities at select locations. This brew uses ingredients from all over the globe with malts from Scotland and Germany and a variety of hops from Britain and the Pacific Northwest. I was so fond of this beer that I filled my growler with it for consumption later and possibly do some cooking with it as well.

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I picked up a boneless NY Strip tossed it in a ziplock bag with a generous amount of the delicious Brooklyn Blast, some Worcestershire sauce, S &P, and some hickory smoked garlic from the local farmers market.

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Brussel sprouts were sauteed with the same hickory smoke garlic and olive oil. They went excellent with the steak.

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Although the beer cooks off in the grilling process, it lends a variety of flavors & subtleties to the meat. A fresh pour from the growler was all that was needed to to fully enjoy the meal. Brooklyn Blast is an excellent Double IPA that I will not pass up when I ever I see it. Having had Pliny The Elder and Hop Stoopid I would say Brooklyn Blast is right there with them.

Brooklyn Brewery


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