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Carton Red Rye Returning

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It seems as if we keep seeing rye making its way into many brews. I'm sure everyone is coming off their Ruthless Rye kicks wondering where the next fix will come from. Look no further - Carton Brewing has the scratch for the itch with their latest small batch brew, Red Rye Returning. I recently went through a three day indulgence with this beer, having had a pour all the way north at Mohawk House and then finished with a glass right around the corner from the source in Sandy Hook.
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This smooth drinking rye pale ale is loaded with Simcoe, Cluster, and Horizon hops, which give the beer a very piney flavor without being too bitter - all of which is smoothed out by the Munich and Golden Promise malts in the grain bill.

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There were only 30 barrels of this brew made, so if you came across it at your local beer bar consider yourself lucky; it is a brew like no other. I look forward to seeing more short batches from them, as Red Rye Returning was a big success and a testament to Carton's ability to brew something interesting for their loyal fans. I hear the next small batch is right around the corner so visit the Carton Brewing website for information on what they will be brewing next.

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