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CBS Taps Out In 8 Minutes At Cloverleaf Tavern

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I have just returned from one of the most amazing craft beer events I have ever experienced. While I am sure there will be more in the future, tonight was really something special. Founders is currently putting out some of the best beer around, with Canadian Breakfast Stout being one of their most popular brews as of late. We are one of the lucky states to have received several cases (as well as a few barrels) of their maple bourbon-barrel goodness - but I digress. I was invited out this evening by Cloverleaf Tavern owner, Ryan Dorchak. He had recently checked out our site and informed me that they would be tapping a keg of CBS - an event not to be missed. He also informed me when KBS was tapped, it was gone in about sixteen minutes. Tonight they shattered their record with yet another amazing beer from Founders.

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We arrived around 4 o'clock and the bar was already filling up quickly. Everyone wanted a piece of this rare Michigan brew, including some of the usual suspects such as Augie Carton from Carton Brewing and Os Cruz from New Jersey Craft Beer.

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If you weren't right at the bar when the CBS was tapped you'd better hope your server handled your order. Our server suggested I take this shot of the ordering madness. Everybody at every table put their order in before the 5 o'clock tapping.

6324377558 a75d822663 z CBS Taps Out In 8 Minutes At Cloverleaf TavernWhen a new keg is tapped at the Cloverleaf, there is the ritual ringing of the bell. And so, when 5 o'clock hit, the bell was rung. Who better to pour this exclusive brew than Cloverleaf's owner - Ryan Dorchak.

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 This brew is so beautiful to behold that the act of consumption felt borderline criminal. Having had it weeks prior out of a bottle was a treat, but now that I have tasted it on draft I can say with certainty that this beer is mind blowing. Canadian Breakfast Stout is such an amazing stout. The taste of sweet maple, chocolate, bourbon, and coffee work so well together; the drinker is enticed to come back sip after sip. It's almost as if I am in some sort of stout Eden - the beer is just that good. No sooner then I received my glass of CBS, the bell rang yet again to let the congregation know the keg had been kicked. The whole event took all of eight minutes. Pandemonium I tell you! Every where I looked, someone had a glass of the velvety goodness. It was fun to share this evening with all the craft beer drinkers in attendance, and it shows Founders that they have great product which we all appreciate. Keep up the excellent work guys!

Cloverleaf Tavern

Founders Brewing


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