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Sierra Nevada Mustard

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DSCN4179 e1294190464420 225x300 Sierra Nevada Mustard

Digging through what I am now calling my archive of beer pictures, I stumbled upon this gem. Here we have some Sierra Nevada Porter Mustard. I didn't really taste the beer in it but damn, it was good. Apparently, its hard to get; I see it on Amazon in gift baskets but I dont want to spend $30 on some crappy cheese and crackers, just for a jar of mustard! Consider this an APB; if you come across an easier way to get this, let us know!


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  1. This website is a banging resource for any beer aficionado, or those just looking for some direction in terms of where to enjoy a good brew. I think I’m gonna grab a gift certificate to the Mohawk House for my bro’s birthday, based on your recommendation. See you soon brody.

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