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Damn it feels good to be a philadelphian

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What a great week to live in Philly!

Apparently we are winning in hockey and our star pitcher for the phils just threw a no hitter...but more importantly its the start of 'Center City Sips' and Beer Week!

Center City Sips is a program the city put together that essentially grouped a lot of bars together to offer $2 beers, $3 wines, and $4 cocktails every wednesday afternoon in the summer. What could be better?

Beer Week! Philly's own beer week started yesterday and runs through the 13th. Beer week brings brewers from all over to bars in Philly to offer new brews and small batches of special stuff. There are over 800 events and it started last night with the Mayor, Michael Nutter, tapping the first keg right by the liberty bell.firkin 225x300 Damn it feels good to be a philadelphian

Personally I started on another side of town at my local bar, Kite and Key.

Their event was sponsored by Troegs, a micro brew in Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg.

The first beer I tried was the "oak aged citra of brotherly love IPA".

Like mostIPA's it has a strong hoppy taste, but this one came from a firkin. For those not in the know, a firkin is a small barrel that holds about 40 liters. Beers from a firkin are 'gravity fed' as opposed to being infused with nitrogen or carbon dioxide so they are smoother and less bubbly. You may also know these beers as being served from 'the cask'. This beer was great. Real hoppy and a little sweet, but a little heavy for a hot summer day.

Next up was Troegs Nugget Nectar. This beer was served on a hand pump, meaning again, no nitrogen or carbonation. This beer started with a hoppy kick then quickly smooths itself into a nice semi-sweet ale. its very tasty and not too heavy.nut nectar 225x300 Damn it feels good to be a philadelphian

Kite and Key also has great food so I grabbed some pulled pork crepes. Sounds just wierd enough to be delicious right? crepes 225x300 Damn it feels good to be a philadelphian

After Kite and Key we headed to Good Dog. Good Dog at first glance is a dive bar but once you get settled you realize they have awesome craft beers on tap and delicious food. Good Dog was playing host to Yard's Brewing located right on the Delaware river in Philly. I tried their Saison and it was what you would expect. It had a nice gold color and was sweet and tasty. It also had a little bit of a head which I don't usually see on a saison. I also tried a tiny bit of their George Washington Porter from a firkin. Really tasty, and really really too heavy for how hot it was!

So that's my first post-Expect some more beer week updates soon!

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