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Epic Captain Cromptons Pale Ale

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Epic Brewing is a recent addition to the Hunterdon portfolio. Co-founders David Cole and Peter Erickson wasted no time starting their brewery back in 2008 once Utah passed a law allowing them to pursue their vision of having a microbrewery in the Mormon state. When choosing a brewer for their operation, thirteen year brewing veteran Kevin Crompton was the obvious decision. Crompton had worked at numerous Utah breweries,as well as one in Hawaii, making him more than qualified for the job.

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Capt'n Crompton's Pale Ale is a solid representative of the APA style - a well balanced beer that is very drinkable and low in abv. They brew it with Cascade, Centennial and Mt. Hood hops, along with a variety of malts including maris otter which make the beer very sweet and smooth. In addition to the hops in the boil, Capt'n Crompton's is dry hopped with Cascade hops to give the beer a real hop profile. Great job on this one Kevin, I look forward to diving into more of what Epic has to offer.

Epic Brewing


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