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Hop Syndrome – Epic Brewing

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While perusing the shelves at my local beer spot, I noticed a classy looking bottle with a giant green hop on it.  "This is it," I thought, "the last piece to the puzzle - the final beer to fill my basket perfectly."  The bottle said that it was one of only a few thousand, making this a very special brew indeed.  The label taunted me, offering measurements of its level of intrigue, daring me to find out more.  Being an avid hop addict, I had to take them up on this dare.  I mean, with a giant hop on the bottle, what's not to love?

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Out of all the beer I bought that night, I was anticipating this one the most.  This was my first taste of Epic and I was really excited at the chance of finding a really hoppy lager that could rival my love of Prima Pils.

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The Hop Syndrome pours a golden hay color with a frothy white head which dissipates quickly.  It has the aroma of straw with grassy and grainy notes.  The smell reminds me of a farm or a large field filled with dandelions on a hot summer day.  This beer just screams summertime drinking.  It is light, dry, and very carbonated.  The body and aroma are supported by the taste of  sweet grains with a hint of citrus - more specifically lemon.  This is a solid, balanced lager, but also (to my disappointment) not the hop indulgence I was hoping it would be.

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