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Notes – Flying Fish Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale

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DSCN4640 1024x768 Notes   Flying Fish Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale

Exit 9 was recently released from Flying Fish Brewing out of Cherry Hill NJ and is #7 on their tour of the NJ turnpike. Apologies for not blogging on the other Exit beers but we have photos in the archive and we will share them at a later point. This particular brew and probably my favorite of the series yet, is a American Amber/Red Ale but could easily be mistaken for an IPA. It is loaded with sweet malts and fruity hops, all the ingredients work in harmony for a well balanced beer. When your done reading this, do yourself a favor and go grab a bottle. I don't imagine this one will hang around like the others have in the past.

A-I poured this into a pint glass it was amber in color with a fingers worth of off white head, good retention and lacing.

S-Very floral and fruity, hops make themselves present immediately and there is just an irresistible sweet smell of candy that fills the nose. This beer reminds me of Nugget Nectar.

T-Up front it is sticky, sweet and hoppy, you taste the sweet malt which keeps all of the hop flavor around to the bitter and dry finish. The carbonation is light and it has a medium mouthfeel to it. I assure you that you will not put the glass down.



DSCN4645 e1300833386555 768x1024 Notes   Flying Fish Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale


Over all this beer was very good, it is similar to Nugget Nectar but not as refined. I really wish to see more of these hoppy Amber Ales, Red Ales whatever you want to call them in the future. Flying Fish did an excellent job with this one and I take my hat off to them. Cheers!!


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