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Notes – Flying Mouflan is Back

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DSC 00092 1024x682 Notes   Flying Mouflan is BackA: This is very nice looking. Good deep, red and brown color. Fairly dark. Head was booming at first, but has dissipated to some large, oily bubbles floating on top of the beer. Screams barleywine. Has some legs on it as well.

S: Wow! This smells like an even hoppier Nugget Nectar. Loses the sweet hop aroma of NN and takes on quite a bitter aroma. Alcohol is present for sure for how fresh this brew is. Had to review it fresh to understand its complexities. Still holds the big malt backbone of NN, but the sweet fruits are gone. On comes monstrous grapefruit and huge bitter hops. Definitely boards the American Barleywine train.

T: Huge hit of sweet malts on a see-saw with huge citrus hops and bitterness. This is almost the definition of balance. Sweet hits with hints of vanilla and caramel, hops fight back with huge right hooks of orange/orange zest and grapefruit and it fights back with some mellow peach and apple type flavored sweetness. Very complex barleywine. Not overly hopped like many American BW's try to do. This is perfect in my opinion.

M: Nice and slick on the tongue, coats the inside cheeks and puckers the mouth towards the end. Teeth dry with the hop bitterness, but also leaves you feeling you need to go to the dentist with a sweet tooth. Medium-full body, great barleywine consistency.

O: Very fresh, this beer is just a bit hot, the body of the beer tends to mellow the heat though. Huge bodied barleywine. Very impressed with this one.  Sweet and hoppy. Fantastic beer.


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