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Full Sail Session Beers

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Full Sail is slowly becoming one of my favorite West Coast breweries.  Conveniently, too, since my local beer stores have been getting in some really decent stuff from them. I recently came across their session beers - a lager and black lager which were both drinkable tasty brews.

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I have been drinking a lot of dark beers lately. Anything I hear that has black in it, I buy it. I was at the local Gary's Wine Market a few weeks ago and saw this tiny bottle sitting on the shelf. Now I have had some scwarzbier's before but this was one for the records. The Session Black Lager pours black with a nice tan head that fades quickly and leaves a little lacing. The nose of this brew is roasty and suggests molasses. It is very bold, with hints of coffee and roasted malt which give it an over-all sweet taste and a very crisp finish.

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A lager is not exactly my favorite style of beer but I do find it to be refreshing and drinkable.  Having had the Session Black before this one,  I harbored high expectations going into the Session Lager.  It poured golden with a nice head but it faded away quickly with vertical lines of bubbles floating to the top.  It smells very clean with light hints of hops and malt, and that's really it; after all, it is a lager.  It tastes just like it smells - malt up front with slight hops, an unassuming easy drinking beer.  A good lager but I don't think I will be buying more of this. The Session Black is where I will be spending my money.

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