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Hazed & Infused

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Good beer out of a can? What a novel idea! Hazed and Infused is a great example of where the craft beer industry is headed. For whatever reason, this beer seems fresher, tastes better, and goes down easier out of a can. Boulder Brewing did a great job at making a very drinkable Pale Ale.

This beer definitely takes after its name, Hazed and Infused. Although it's not very pale, this ale pours a hazy dark amber with a good amount of frothy head. It is infused with a citrus and floral aroma, the presence of which is slightly balanced by caramel malts. This brew could use a bit more malt backbone to even the odds against the hops. It would also counteract the thinness of the beer resulting from a lot of carbonation. Even with these setbacks, Boulder Brewing's American Pale Ale is a solid representation of the style.


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