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A Little Taste of Germany

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Since my first and only visit to Germany in 2006, I've been longing to return to this beer mecca. Each year, around Thanksgiving, my Aunt usually goes for a few weeks to visit some close friends of her, which in turn at Christmas, usually allows me to reminisce of this land one bottle at a time. This year she returned with two bottles in tow: Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel & Kapuziner Weissbier.

dunkel A Little Taste of Germany

Thanks to BythePint.Com for the image!

The Dunkel is a really tasty lager, specifically from the Munich region. This beer was incredibly full flavored, malty with hints of caramel and toffee, but just enough hop bitterness to balance it out, finishing very cleanly. It was hard to believe the intensity of the flavors in such a low ABV brew. I'm not positive if it is available as an import in the US, but I have a feeling it loses a lot when not enjoyed fresh. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to a camera to photograph my experience with this brew, but thanks again to bythepint.com for use of their image to give you an idea of what this beer looks like.

Kapuziner Weis 3 e1294102027126 225x300 A Little Taste of Germany

Weissbier, hefeweizen in particular is a style that I was very fond of when visiting Germany, four years ago, that in recent years I have shy ed away from. A few sips of the Kapuziner from the Kulmbacher Brauerei and I remembered why I enjoyed the tasty German offerings of this style compared to most Hefes we have here in the States. This beer pours cloudy as a hefe should (Hefeweizen -- Cloudy Wheat) with awesome thick, frothy, white head. As you can see it's a really deep gold, almost amber color. The brew smells slightly yeasty, fruity, with the mildest hint of that infamous banana/clove hefe scent.

IMG 0696 e1294105303270 225x300 A Little Taste of Germany

My first sip I instantly thought how smooth and creamy this beer is. This beer tastes malty wheaty with This is one of the few hefes, other than homebrew that I have thoroughly  enjoyed since my trip to Germany. In my opinion this  is a quality hefeweizen and far superior to anything that has been sitting on the shelves of your local liquor store. If there is a style that is meant to be drank young and fresh, this is it.

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