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Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild

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There is only one way to describe this beer - wild. It truly is an interesting experience to drink. It took me until the fourth beer out of my six pack before I could decide if I loved or hated it. It confounds all your expectations regarding how ales as golden and crisp as this should taste.   Sumpin' Wild is a great gateway beer into some of the fringe styles and outlier ales available today.

It is very sweet and fruity. It smells tropical, like a bouquet of fruits all tethered together. Lurking behind all of that golden nectar is a wildness which cannot be contained. It jumps out at you almost immediately - a by-product of the yeast, no doubt. All of these intoxicating flavors conceal the alcohol; you can barely taste the 9.4% ABV.  This attractive ale is for all beer drinkers, average joes and aficionados alike.

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