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Magic Hat Encore IPA

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Where do I start with this one?  Magic Hat is not in my top tier of beers - unless it's one of their IPA's. Maybe it's my taste buds but I just find their beer kind of bland.  Their IPA game, however, is on point. While they are not loaded with hops like others I have tasted, they are tasty and drinkable. I have yet to blog about Hi.P.A and Blind Faith but I recently had their Encore IPA from a sample pack. The smell of this beer is spicy, fruity and hoppy; after the first sip I knew I was in for a treat. It taste just like it smells - you get the piney citrus hops with slight malt in the background and a very bitter finish, almost like a sour orange. I have been meaning to blog about Magic Hat for a minute but I refuse to buy a 12 pack of mediocre brew to sample just a few of their IPA's. Sorry to rant here at the end, but why can't they just have these IPA's all year round? Am I wrong?

Magic Hat


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