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Notes – Breckenridge Small Batch 471 Double IPA

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Breckenridge Small Batch 471 Double IPA

This brewery's love for making beer is evident.  The bottle got my attention right from the start, and as a lover of IPA's, I had to try this one.  Their beer is delicious and they aren't afraid to say so - right on the bottle for that matter.  I really like how they don't tell you that much about the beer, just that they love experimenting with small batches and to keep an eye out for new ones.  On to the notes...

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A:  The 471 has a light orange hue topped with a golden head that dissipates quickly but leaves a good amount of lacing.

S:  It has a very light, sweet, and citrus-laden scent that tantalizes your taste buds.  One whiff lets you know that this small batch was brewed with a ton of hops.

T:  The best part - the taste.  It is aggressively hoppy yet sweet.  It's very strong on the citrus notes. The grapefruit stands out for me in particular.  There is no real malt balance to this beer, and so it finishes out sweet and alcoholic.

M:  For a double IPA this is a very light and bubbly beer.  Even though it's not as heavy as its contemporaries, the 471 has a good amount of mouthfeel and carbonation.  It really lets your mouth engage with all of the hops.

O:  Overall it is a delicious double that hits the spot for someone seeking 9% fruity and bitter beer that doesn't carry the same weight this class usually does.  Easily drinkable, as I find myself reaching for another.

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