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Notes – Voodoo Brewing – 4 Seasons IPA

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4 Seasons IPA seemed appropriate for this wretched weather and my first post here.

A:  Could hardly contain the high carbonation on this one, big fluffy white head that poured over the top of the glass.  The beer itself is a ruddy coppery color, hints at some orange.

S:  Big citrus aroma with a firm, bready malt backbone.  Balance is a bit off kilter, but has a very nice hop presence.  Good citrus zest notes.

T:  Starts a bit malty, ends with a firm hop crispness.  Almost closer to an American Barleywine in flavor profile.  The malts seem to take the forefront in this one, hops play backup.  A bit off style.

O:  Was tough to pour, seems a little off style.  Flavors work well together but I wouldn't exactly call this an IPA.


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