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Colorado: O’Dell Brewing Company’s Cutthroat Porter

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Local beer and food have to be the best perk of travelling for work. I've been lucky enough to be placed right in the middle of beer country for two weeks: Denver, Colorado.  The beer culture is thriving in Colorado and there's lots of craft beer being served and sold everywhere. Most places I've eaten/drank at so far have had more than a few micro brews on tap. Even the establishments with the most generic tap selections all at least offer New Belgium's Fat Tire as a regular. I just picked up a couple of six packs from O'dell Brewing Co. from Fort Collins, North of Denver. One of them, being their porter.

IMG 0522 1024x768 Colorado: O’Dell Brewing Company’s Cutthroat Porter

Furnished apartments don't come with beer glasses, even in "Beer Country"

This beer pours dark, dark brown, almost black with very little head on the pour and almost no head retention at all as I drink. It does leave a nice sticky lacing in the glass though. In my opinion, this beer is an accurate interpretation of the style. It smells fresh and very roasty, but there is a slight hop fragrance that makes you want to smell it again. This beer is balanced overall, with the malt flavors being enriched by the subtlety of the hops, such a smooth beer. Definitely an awesome porter!

Does anybody know if this is distributed on the East Coast? At 4.8% ABV this is an easy drinking beer, but I still tend to find myself drinking it as slow as a barley wine, just to savor it. I'll be posting some more beers/experiences from the area as I have time. Just remember, when your "Tap the Rockies", make sure your tapping the something from the local craft beer scene, and not Coors, because there is lots of incredible beer to be had in Colorado.

IMG 0489 1024x768 Colorado: O’Dell Brewing Company’s Cutthroat Porter

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