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Philly beer week continued.

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Last night I went to Jose Pistola's for a beer week event. They were hosting Arcadia Ales, a company I had honestly never heard of.

As soon as we sat down the Owner of Arcadia bought a round of beers. Not a bad way to get customers icon smile Philly beer week continued. Arcadia is from Battle Creek, Michigan and they make beers that take inspiration from old English ales, using American hops. They also hooked it up with some from t-shirts. Cool!

Pistola's had 3 of Arcadia's beers on tap, Sky High Rye, Whitsun, and a scottish ale that was being served from a firkin.
I started off with the Sky High Ale.
2010 06 07 20.28.29 225x300 Philly beer week continued.2010 06 07 20.28.18 225x300 Philly beer week continued.
This beer was DELICIOUS! It had a very floral aroma, a full hoppy taste, and was refreshing. The cascade hops were strong but not over powering. This beer was easy to drink and just plain good. This beer did however leave a bitter taste on my tongue. I'm not complaining, I liked it, but some people might complain that it doesn't end clean. Thumbs up from me!

Next I tried Arcadia's scotch ale from the firkin. This beer was dark and sweet. It had a nice foamy head that quickly dissolved. I could taste dark malts and I think some kind of sweet fruit. Over all a pretty a good beer but not really my style. It was heavy like a porter and not what I was in the mood for- I went back to another Sky High Rye! I also(against my better judgement) tried a sip of the WhitSun. Not for me. I've never liked wheat beers and this one was no different. My girlfriend really enjoyed it though, so don't let me opinion sway you!

Tonight is the "Taco Tuesday' beer week event at Nodding Head-my local/favorite brew pub. Updates to follow.


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  1. i like beer.. i dont really care if it comes in a can or a bottle or a damn box.. as long as its hoppy wet and gets me tanked lol… i tend to drink dark amber ales and IPA, the more hoppy the better. in a can you can store it longer. pour into a glass and you wont taste metal.. besides most cans are lined these days to prevent that metal after taste. so get on board and take it in the can people.

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