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Port Brewing Old Viscosity Ale

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Old Viscosity Ale e1291678834329 225x300 Port Brewing Old Viscosity Ale

Where do I begin with this one? Port Brewing's Old Viscosity Ale is so amazing! Thick, malty, and sweet - I couldn't put it down! I have never had a beer like this. Their site states it is brewed to no particular style. "The Black Nasty" (as its dubbed by the brewers) borders the line of a Stout, Porter Old Ale, and Barleywine. After it's brewed, 80% of the beer is blended with 20% of an older batch. Port Brewing also offers a barrel-aged specialty, Older Viscosity, which is straight from the bourbon barrel. When I cracked this one and poured it I am reminded of draining the oil out of my daily driver.

It pours pitch black and leaves a nice head with good retention and lacing. The first whiff I took hit me with vanilla and oak wood notes and of course the ever present roasty smell of the malts. Very thick mouth feel with little carbonation, this stout tastes as good as it smells. There is chocolate up front with vanilla here and there, the bourbon barrel flavor is smooth, and the finish has a slight bite. I didn't get this one locally so I asked my cousin to pick me up another bottle the next time he is at his Wegmans. Maybe, just maybe, he will come across Older Viscosity.


Port Brewing

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  1. The barrel aged version is very good. I have bottles Older Viscosity going back to 2007. It is a beer that ages well.

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