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So my past month has been spent in Laredo, TX.  An empty void of good beer if I have ever seen one.  Thank you Sierra Nevada for a keeping me going.  But last weekend I made the three and a half hour drive to Austin.  They have beer in that town. IMG 92821 200x300 A shiny beacon in a beer wasteland We went to The Draught House in the north part of town.  Great bar. IMG 9285 200x300 A shiny beacon in a beer wastelandYou can drink and play darts in the parking lot!  People also brought their dogs and had pizza delivered.  Like I said, "Great Bar."  So on the way out of town I stopped at Whole Foods.  There I piked up some Brooklyn Brewing beers, a 6-pack of Racer 5, an Ommagang Belgian Pale Ale, and a bottle of Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale from Boulevard Brewing Co. out of Kansas City, Missouri.  (which is what I am drinking tonight)  The Tank 7 is a fantastic saison.  I wish I had bought more of this stuff.  It has a really mellow nose of pale malts and yeast with earthy hop aromas.  The beer starts out with a sweet taste then it becomes peppery and spicy; finely finishing very dry with a green apple after taste.  That is a simplistic description of the beer because it is very complex and satisfying.  I also taste hops, mushrooms, pears, wheat, sourdough... This is what I look for in a sasion.  Complex, dry, and leaves you wanting more.  Unfortunatly this is the only bottle I have and it does not reach Southern California.  If you every come across this beer I say try it.  Tank 7 is an excellent example of a world class sasion.

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