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Notes – Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

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DSCN4376 e1300811820715 768x1024 Notes   Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum-- a 10.4% ABV, 100 IBU hop bomb double IPA, brewed with 5 different hops including Sierra's "new proprietary variety." Hoptimum is a result of Sierra's infamous Beer Camp, this beer is "aggressively hopped" using an abundance of "new school hops", as well as dry hopped, and "torpedo'd," using their exclusive hop torpedo; a stainless steel cylindrical device packed with whole cone hops that the beer is pushed through, releasing hop flavors, minimizing bitterness and grassy hop flavors.

A- Pours a bright copper, crystal clear, with a dense white head that sticks around; nice lacing almost up to the final sip.

S- An immediate smell of bitterness backed by mostly fruity hops, with a touch of pine. It's predominately in your face hops, but there is a sweet maltiness to this beer as well.

T- A medium bodied beer with moderate carbonation levels. Very bitter, hints of strong alcohol, sticky, with a dry finish that lingers after each sip. It's immediately bitter with a sweet caramel malt flavor trying to balance out the abundance of hops. As it warms, it becomes difficult to drink; incredibly sweet and the high ABV becomes very apparent. Overwhelming is the one word that keeps coming to mind with all aspects of this brew. A heavy hitter for sure, a single bomber of this is enough to keep you home for awhile.

DSCN4370 1024x768 Notes   Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

This was a brew that I was highly anticipating as soon as I heard of it's release, especially since I was unsure of it's availability. When we finally got our hands on a few bottles I was psyched, but after sampling both bottles I received I've come to feel a little let down. Sierra Nevada is a brewery that I enjoy almost everything they brew;  I just felt this was not on par with their other offerings.

While it's a decent example of the style, I feel there are much better examples to be had. Imperial IPA is a style I've been recently shying away from as more and more examples are just becoming over the top hop bombs with ever increasing alcohol content. What happened to balance in beers?

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