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Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

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I don't know about you but I feel the weather in New Jersey has been more than exceptional as far as winter goes. There has been very little snow and plenty of days when shorts and a t-shirt seem like a grand idea. While we haven't been able to fully enjoy our winter activities of ice fishing and snow boarding, we are instead sustained by the early beers of the spring. One of the first to come out this season is Ruthless Rye from Sierra Nevada. Rye beers are on the uptake lately, with more and more breweries adding this ancient ingredient to their grain bills.

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This Rye IPA consists of a bunch of great elements. Up front, the beer is very sweet, and then hits you with an intense bitterness that lingers all the way until the end. Definitely the most bitter rye beer I have had yet, but enjoyable nonetheless. I am happy Ruthless Rye has finally hit the shelves around here. I love everything about this beer, from the flavor to label art depicting a maiden watching over her field, eager to harvest the grains with her scythe. It's already moving fast, so be sure to stop by your local store and grab it while you can.

Sierra Nevada


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  1. Brian
    Thanks for hanging out last night and all the great exposure for Sierra and Boaks. Looking forward to some more fun beer events. Cheers

  2. Me too man, Boaks post will be up in a few.

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