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Sinner’s 09

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Tonight I broke into my "cellar" (aka a bunch of cardboard boxes in a closet) and I pulled out a bottle of Lost Abbey's Sinner's 2009.  This is a beer that does not get put into their distribution network.  The only way to get it is at a festival, a Lost Abbey beer dinner, or through their beer club.  Which is how I obtained mine.  This beer is 8.0% abv. It pours black and flat. (part of the Lost Abbey carbonationgate of 2009 [a bunch of their beers had carbonation issues])   It is a blend of three different beers from Lost Abbey's barrel program. (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/lost-abbey-sinners-09/108572/)  I can really taste the oak from the barrels on this one.  The funky bugs they use in their aging process gives this beer a heavy acidic bite.  The nose has a bunch of bourbon and Rosemary (this is coming from the bourbon barrel aged 10 Commandments portion of the blend).  I also taste coffee, anise, and the dark malts.  This beer has defiantly improved as it has warmed up, but it still feels like a bunch of left over barrel aged beer Lost Abbey blended together to fulfill the beer club quota.  However it will be nice to try this beer a few years down the road along with other Sinner's Blend vintages.

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