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Sixpoint Diesel

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We are big fans of Sixpoint here at I Drink Good Beer, likely due in part to our endless craving for fresh local beer. After their last seasonal beer Autumnation, I was so excited to hear that Sixpoint was going to be releasing Diesel Stout as their second seasonal beer of the year. I have read that it has been available in previous years but seeing as Sixpoint just started coming to NJ this is our first taste of it and let me tell you that it is wonderful.

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Some words of wisdom can always be found on the back of Sixpoint cans, giving you a feel for the beer and enticing you to pop that top. This beer is made with dark roasted malts and a generous amount hops, with Columbus added during the brewing process as well as the dry hopping stage making Diesel one of the most hoppy American Stouts around. Being a hop head and a stout lover, I was in heaven; the closest thing you can compare this to is not even a stout so much as a Black IPA (let's say 21st Amendment Back Black). Diesel is a winter seasonal that is not to be missed this year. Both delicious and sessionable, it is the perfect companion for those cold days ahead.



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