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Smuttynose Wheat Wine Ale 2009

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I was first introduced to this beer in the summer of 2008!  I know what your thinking, not exactly a beer for  a warm summer evening, this is a winter brew and to find it in August shouldnt be possible. His name escapes me at the moment but the gentleman was a beer connoisseur and had this bomber I asked him if I may have a taste of his bomber surely he gave me some. I dont know what it was but it had such flavor to it, immediately I wanted more, only I didn't take this guys bottle, I went to stores the following weekend and found 3 bottles total.  Of course I bought them all. I still have one left that I am waiting to crack. I don't know when that is.

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I purchased this nice piece of glassware from smuttynose on my latest trip to Portsmouth and decided that Thanksgiving would be its maiden voyage and I would crack open a '09 Wheat Wine Ale.  It pours a light copper color with an off white head.  The smell of this brew is light and sweet with malt dominating what little hops there are.  If you have had a Wheat Wine or Barley wine, you know they are stong beers, although the taste of this one was strong it is very tasty, that sweet smell continue's when you take that first sip, almost like some sort of nectar juice.  You can taste the alcohol in this one all the way through but it gets covered up pretty nicely by caramel and what little hop bite it has.  Having a very thick mouthfeel, not a lot of carbonation and high alcohol content this is beer is definetely a sipper and perfect for those really cold days in the winter.

Smuttynose Brewing

Wheat Wine stock pile can be found here

Boonton Liqour Outlet
289 Myrtle Avenue
Boonton, NJ 07005-1753
(973) 334-1331

-Brian Casse

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