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Spotlight – Victory Yakima Glory

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Victory - Yakima Glory

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This is one of my favorite beers from Victory and one of the first craft beers I ever had; back before I knew the gloriousness that is the hop.  I first sampled this brew when it went by a different name, Yakima Twilight.  I still refer to it by its former calling because to me it reflects all the characteristics of hops in their twilight.  The reason for the name switch was because Yakima Twilight was confusingly similar to an already established beer brand.  So in a fashion of "live and let live", Victory decided to focus on the glory of the hops instead of their twilight.  I couldn't have put it any better than Bill and Ron, "This satisfying brew represents the twilight for freshly harvested Yakima Valley hops as they fade in a blaze of flavorful glory."

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This is the go to beer when things are starting to quiet down for the evening.  At 8.7% ABV it's strong enough to subdue anyone into enjoying all the glory this beer has to offer.  Take a sip and let the smooth, sweet malt flavor roll over your tongue to be quickly overpowered by the best of Yakima Valley's hops.  It is very balanced but not in the typical sense.  The dark malts really warm your taste buds to then be seesawed into a bushel of hops.  It's one extreme to the other which culminates for a perfect harmony of quality beer ingredients.  Even when you first pour this beer it just bubbles delicious aromas and glows a deep iridescent amber.  It is classified by Victory as a "dark, extra strength India Pale Ale", but to me this is a bit misleading.  I feel like this beer stands in a class of it's own and shouldn't be thrown in with the rest of the "Black IPA's".

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This enigmatic beer showcases all that American brewing has to offer, pushing the boundaries of already established genres. If you are ever in the store and notice the giant golden hop on the package, glowing like a beacon, trust your instincts and follow the glow. You won't be disappointed.



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