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Ryan On Stone 14th

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We have a new contributor here at IDGB, Ryan aka Ryan Devilhorns.  He will sharing his trip to Stone 14th Anniversary party as well as other beer related events in California.   I snagged this post from his personal blog www.givemeshred.com  Check him out!!

- Brian

stone1 Ryan On Stone 14th

For the most part, I like IPA’s, stouts and ales, and that is what I stick to.  Imperial IPA’s transcend all three for me and are my absolute favorite beer type.  After attending the 13th Anniversary party and getting my fair share of 13th Anniversary ale, I was thrilled to see that Stone was going Imperial IPA for 14th.

I had a chance to stop by Stone today on the way home, in the hopes that they’d have some 14th Anniversary for the early birds, and they didn’t disappoint.  I got a couple of bottles of 14th and a growler each of Self-Righteous Ale and some Smoked Porter.  The selection this week was pretty much just the normal selection; a little underwhelming, but with the anniversary party coming up, I figure they’re holding back some of the more rare brews.

I got home early, so I wasn’t going to wait; one was getting cracked tonight. After cooling for a bit, I got out my 13th Anniversary taster and  had my first sample of 14th.  The result: totally disappointed.  DFH 90-minute and Green Flash’s Imperial IPA offerings are straight up delicious, and this didn’t taste anything close to what I consider a good IIPA.  This tasted dangerously close to Sawyers Triple, of which I am no fan.  The taste is just too close to a Belgian / triple style beer for me.  The taste is definitively Stone, but this is not the taste I was expecting from the Stone version of an IIPA.

I’m actually saddened to see that Stone went a little overboard on this IPA.  It’s a good beer, but that’s about it; just good, not great like many other Stone offerings.

- Ryan

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  1. UGH!I wrote a crazy long reply to your post but my internet crapped out and I lost it all! Oh well, just wanted to tell you that it was a great post! Nicely done!

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