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Southern Hemisphere & Flying Mouflan

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Hey everyone, this is Jared and this is my first post on IDGB or on any blog for that matter.  I am an avid ale drinker and serious hop head from North Jersey.  It doesn't matter what type of beer it is, if it has hops in it I'l at least try it and more than likely enjoy it.  I came across 2 exceptionally delicious beers that I thought were worth sharing,  Sierra Nevada's Sourthern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale and Troegs Flying Mouflan.

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Both of these beers are extremely hoppy but in different ways.  The Flying Mouflan is a beefed up version of Troegs Nugget Nectar with some more alcohol but doesn't carry the hops as well.  It is an awesome beer that pours really well with a lot of head and great consistency through and through.  The Moulfan is pretty heavy so be ready for the meal in a glass aspect of this beer.

4787969893 1a647ac9c3 Southern Hemisphere & Flying Mouflan

The Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale is one of my all time favorite beers.    This beer is all about hops, it hits you up front and finishes with a crisp hop aroma and flavor that never fades.  As the name implies it is a distinctly fresh beer that should be enjoyed whenever possible.  It lingers on your tongue begging you to go back for more.

4787970891 733b201bf3 Southern Hemisphere & Flying Mouflan

I would recommend both of these beers to anyone who loves full bodied hopy ales.  Both are great to drink at a summer bbq or on a cool autumn night.

-  Jared

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  1. Hey dudes! Your blog rocks!!! You guys need to come to Colorado for some beautiful bottled beverages. Just let me know and you got a place to crash for sure. Cheers!

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