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My Trusty Bottle Opener

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As the titles states this post will be all about the tool I use to open alcoholic beverage container units aka bottles. I rock a Supreme bottle opener, I purchased it in 2007 at Leilow Honolulu, HI. What is Supreme you may ask? Supreme NYC was established in 1994 and what many consider a high end skate / lifestyle brand. This bottle opener has done more then just open bottles, acted as a flat head screwdriver, a mini pry bar, and countless other activities it wasn't built for. And the damn thing keeps on trucking!!!

IMG 0268 My Trusty Bottle Opener

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  1. Hi, It was a good conversation about beer at boonton liqours…here’s a link to my buddy’s new place which I’m sure you could consider home away from home…
    http://www.charlestonbeerexchange.com/ My “summer beer” beer tasting is way over my allowable invite body count but I’ll pencil you in for the next one. Thanks much…jerry k
    Look up my past places in NYC Brewsky’s, Burp Castle, Brewist Monks

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