I have never been one to carry a bottle opener on my key chain. I feel they get in the way of my keys and subconsciously I feel I would be judge by others as an alcoholic. That is no longer the case how ever. The folks at Portsmith Company have come up with a bottle opener solution so simple that it fits right in your wallet. The fulcro opener is like none I have ever seen. It is sturdy, looks cool, fits right in your wallet or even your pocket. A recent contest on their instagram page landed me one and needless to say but I was excited.  After seeing countless photos of others cracking their brews open with it, I couldn’t wait to start opening beers of my own with this hand crafted and proper bottle opener.


Portsmith Company is a newer company on the block making handsomely crafted goods with minimalism in mind. Working with local skilled woodworkers, metal smiths & seamstresses to help craft their products, the company puts out genuine and wholesome goods to make your life easier. At one year old the company is gaining lots of momentum socially on the internet with their minimalist items whether it’s the fulcro or one of their snazzy minimalist wallets. With the right ideas in mind, Portsmith  Company is bringing current times back to a day where everything was hand crafted and personally I think that is good thing. Their story is too much to divulge here but head over to their site and you can read all about them.


I am still impressed that I can just stick this in my wallet. It might not be as swift as an opener on a key chain but when I pull it out it becomes a conversation piece and the person I am talking to is that much more interested in getting their own and hearing about the company.

I have been  using the opener non stop lately, it is a nice item and I look forward to opening many beers with it as the years go on and maybe handing it down to a younger generation when I am old and decrepit.
Are you interested in getting your own? The folks over at Portsmith Company sent over this promo for our readers. So head on over to their online store and get your minimalist on, whether you are looking for a new wallet or a fulcro, the discount code will land you five dollars off your whole order. To find out more about Portsmith Company, head over to their website to get the full scoop, for up to date info on their latest products give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.