MAKER: Allagash Brewing Company – Portland, Maine
Style: Wild Ale
ABV: 6.6%

NOTES: Some of the most coveted american sours come from Allagash. Upon a recent visit I was taken on extensive tour of their grounds and ultimately made it to most secretive of areas, the coolship. Not only that, they even gave me a bottle of Resurgam to cap things off so I can share it with you.

It is possibly one of the best sour beers I have had and something that I can only describe as being a proper lambic. You could give it to me blind and I would have guessed it to be belgian beer. My hat is off to Allagash on this one. There is nothing more to say than go grab a bottle somewhere if you can. Thanks for the share guys.

Allagash Coolship Resurgam

Allagash Coolship Resurgam-2

Allagash Coolship Resurgam-5

Allagash Coolship Resurgam-6

Allagash Coolship Resurgam-8

Allagash Coolship Resurgam-7