Wormtown 1
We have a lot of friends in the beer industry, some work at bars, others work at distributors and some even work at breweries. One of the coolest friends we have though is Tyler over at Iron Heart Canning. Iron Heart has been all over the North East lately, canning everywhere from Massachusetts all the way to Philadelphia. One of the breweries that Iron Heart is working with is Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, Massachusetts. Tyler was with Wormtown just twenty four hours before coming to New Jersey to can Bolero Snort Lucky Buck and brought us some cans of Be Hoppy, a seriously delicious India Pale Ale and a beer that I am writing in for my favorite of 2014 so far.

Wormtown 2
Canned less than a day before it was in my hand, Be Hoppy is both pungent with flavors and aroma that could probably pry you away from any feelings you have toward your favorite IPA, its just that damn good. Aside from being a great tasting beer, Be Hoppy pays tribute to the man who made the smiley face popular, Harvey Ball. Harvey Ball was a Worcester native and all though he is no longer with us, I am sure this beer would put a smile on his face in the most bitter of times.

Wormtown 4
A big thanks to Tyler at Iron Heart for hooking us up with a couple of cans of this, it was a real treat and welcome change to the other offerings that we get here from Massachusetts. Be Hoppy is hands down one of the best IPA’s we have here and the East Coast and a must seek out beer for the avid hop head. Forget what you heard about Heady Topper and Pliny, Wormtown has something special here and I am sure the popularity of this beer will grow as more people find out about it. Cheers to Iron Heart and Wormtown Brewery for coming together to package up a great beer.