Angry Erik 1

With the laws passing last year, it seems like there are a lot more breweries throwing their hats in the ring here in  New Jersey, which is very inviting seeing as the state used to be a brewing mecca. One of the newest breweries to get online here in NJ is Angry Erik Brewing, tucked away in Southern Sussex county offering small batch beers for the craft enthusiasts of the area. We took a trip up to Angry Eriks on their opening day to say hello and obviously try some of their beer. 

Angry Erik 6

Angry Erik might be small but the space is more than inviting. For a small batch brewery they starting off on the right foot.

Angry Erik 5

Ten barrels all around, mash tun, boil kettle, two fermenters and a bright tank. I know a lot of home brewers that would kill to have this as their set up. For now they are going to be sticking with draft only and looking to get a line on at some of the tap rooms that are near by.

Angry Erik 3

On opening day there were a lot of people in for tours and tastings. We got our tour from owner, Erik Hassing. Here he is giving everyone the ins and outs of how they brew at Angry Erik going over the whole process from the milled grains all the way to kegging. Erik is a lawyer but his passion lies with beer and we look forward to see what he comes up with in the years to come.

Angry Erik 2

Back in the tasting room, the crowd was packing out quickly. An awesome site for a brewery on it’s opening day.

Angry Erik 9

Angry Erik 11

The two beers they decided to start with were Ravol, an American Amber Ale and 3 Ball Porter brewed with cardamom and a touch of orange. Both beers were very tasty and received a great response from patrons.

Angry Erik 7

Angry Erik 14

There was no shortage of growler fills and pints being poured.

Angry Erik 8

Angry Erik’s other owner, Heide Hassing, pouring us up a couple pints of Ravol. A chemist by day and brewer by night, Heidi is a huge craft beer enthusiast and very excited to have Angry Erik up and running.

Angry Erik 15

It is great to see a place like Angry Erik get up and running, we are a big fan of the small operation and it is sure to be a hit in the months to come. Thanks to Heide for showing us around and giving us the full scoop on Jersey’s newest Micro Brewery, we wish you guys the best of luck and look forward to seeing the beer flowing at some of our favorite tap rooms in the area. If you are looking to pay a visit, we have put their hours below. Don’t wait to try some of the freshest beer in Sussex County. Cheers

Thursday – 5-7:30pm

Friday – 5-7:30pm

Saturday/Sunday – 12-5pm