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The Florida craft beer scene is slowly starting to take form. With some great breweries down south, and some newer ones opening around Orlando, it is sure to be a great place to visit if your are a beer drinker. The city of Orlando might be known for Disney, and being very touristy, but that doesn’t mean there are not great things to do that are beer related. Joel and I visited Orlando Brewing Company on our recent trip there, and for it being the only game in town, the beer is pretty damn good, and is a must if you are in the area.

Orlando Brewing 1Tucked away in an industrial setting of down town Orlando, you will find a piece of craft beer heaven.

Orlando Brewing 17

Orlando Brewing 25 We were first drawn to the massive tasting room.

Orlando Brewing 20

Orlando Brewing 19 Here you will find 21 beers on tap with a few guest handles to satisfy every patron.

Orlando Brewing 14
We met up with president, John Cheek. John started home brewing in the late 80’s and started the Central Florida Home Brewing Club in 1989, and ultimately gained full control of Orlando Brewing in 2004.

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Orlando Brewing 13

For those expecting a massive brewery, you can stop right here. Orlando Brewing is on the smaller side of things making about 3,000 barrels a year with everything from their Right On Red, and Miami Weiss.

Orlando Brewing 11

Orlando Brewing 10

The Orlando Brewing gang was gearing up for their annual Oktoberfest celebration, which is one of the busiest days of the year for them.

Orlando Brewing 26

One of the coolest facts about Orlando Brewing, is that it is the only certified organic brewery in Florida and also the only organic brewery in the southeast.

Orlando Brewing 16

Orlando Brewing 3

Forget that stuffed Mickey souvenir. How about some beer to go or cool t-shirt instead?

Orlando Brewing 23

Most of their offerings can be found around town, but there is nothing better than getting it from the source.

Orlando Brewing 5

Thanks to John for showing us around this little gem of a brewery. Everyone from the staff to the patrons drinking were very inviting and it was most certainly a pleasure to drink at one of Orlando’s first craft beer makers. Keep up the good work, and we will definitely be back. That Olde Pelican was so damn good, it is still haunting my palate.