As the season changes over it’s time ring it in with a new beer from Carton. A few weeks back I spent some time with brewer’s Jeremy Watts and Doug Philips as they brewed a new, and some what interesting Saison. I say interesting as the brew contained two ingredients I thought would never enter a beer together. Those ingredients are Thai chile’s and a hefty amount of saffron from Spain. Wanting to play up that spicy phenolic of the french saison yeast, Augie thought these two ingredients would play along nicely with the already peppery yeast. Making a few test batches of the beer yielded the results they were looking for and so it was decided to scale it up for an early spring release. While it has nothing to do with the volcanic plateau on Mars, the beer sure is tasty and will please any Saison fan or spice head for that matter. The beer is slated to come out in a couple of weeks so stay tuned to their Facebook and website for a release date.

Carton Brewing Company