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Maker: Two Roads Brewing/Evil Twin Brewing
Style: Gose
ABV: 5.5%

Notes: The gose has really gone mainstream in my opinion. Everywhere I look, I am seeing beer makers around the country churn out this tart and salty style of beer. Some are done wrong, some are done right and then there is some that just please your palate and leaving you wanting more. This is one that blew my mind. I won’t get into the back story as you can read that below. What I can get into is how awesome this beer is. While it may not be to style per say, it’s a damn fine beer with a lot going in. Not to tart to be overly acidic and just the right touch of salt, this gose is just one you can keep sessioning. From what I have seen, Two Roads ran a second batch of it last week and it’s probably hitting shelves now. Get out there and find it.

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