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Sometimes you travel and you look for that perfect spot to grab a bite and a beer. Sometimes you find nothing and other times you find places you don’t want to leave and for us that place was Mr. P’s Pizza.

Mr P's Pizza 5
We probably wouldn’t have found this place if it weren’t for our friends over at the Dogfish Inn. They assured us some great food and an awesome selection of beer.

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Featuring 19 drafts. Mr. P’s offers a variety of beers with no crap on tap.

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Cask beer is hard to come by around here and it’s pretty awesome that they always have it at Mr. P’s. They even have certain beers available on both C02 and nitrogen. #convertednitro

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Owner, Rick Thomas, takes pride in his beer program and loves the locals. For the whole summer, Mr. P’s will be featuring nothing but local beers from breweries like Dogfish Head, Burley Oak, 16 Mile and Mispillion.

Mr P's Pizza 8

After staring at the list for sometime. We had to order a round of beers. The 16 Mile Gutentart was very refreshing for the 90 degree day we were having.

Mr P's Pizza 20

The food menu has everything from salads to sandwiches. They also feature a fair amount of beer battered items using 60 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head.

Mr P's Pizza 21

Seeing as this is a pizzeria why would you get anything else to eat?

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Every pizza is cooked in their wood fired oven with red and white oak that is locally sourced.

Mr P's Pizza 15

While we were in. The gang received a visit from 16 Mile co-owner, Chad Campbell. You never know who you will meet when hanging at a beer bar.

Mr P's Pizza 9

We had time for one more beer so we cracked some cans of Black Tie from Mispillion River Brewing. A fantastic Black IPA made less than 50 miles away.

Mr P's Pizza 11

This was hands down our favorite spot to drink on the Delaware beer trail. If you can appreciate a good local pint and wood fired pizza. Mr. P’s is the place for you. Thanks to Rick, Meg, Justine, Jarod, Hailey and Nacho for all the help on our visit. The food is great and the beers are awesome. We can’t wait to come back.