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Adventures – Driving up the 101.

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IMG 07971 225x300 Adventures   Driving up the 101.

Today I stopped by Pizza Port Solana Beach before heading to The Pizza Port Bottle Shop in Carlsbad.  At my first stop I had a pint of their Road IPA.  The Road IPA is the Solana Beach interpretation of the San Clemente Pizza Port beer called El Camino IPA.  And the guys at Solana Beach did an excellent job.  The nose on the beer was pine and hoppy.  It smelled a lot like the homebrew IPA I brewed as month.  The beer has a solid malt backbone but not too malty.  It is just a really good easy drinker.

IMG 07961 225x300 Adventures   Driving up the 101.

A jaunt up the coast brought me to the Pizza Port Bottle Shop where I picked up some Stone 06.06.06 & 07.07.07,  New Belgium La Folie, Alpine Brewing Nelson IPA, Mad River John Barleycorn, and Avery Seventeen Anniversary.  After the bottle shop I had to stop by next door at the bar to see what they had on tap.  Well they had a bavarian style wheat beer, Warm Waters Wheat.  Nothing too special here just a fine example of a session-able hefeweizen.  (Also an order of beer buddies)

IMG 0802 300x300 Adventures   Driving up the 101.

After going to the movies at the La Paloma theater to see 180° South I came home to a Sasion du BUFF from Stone Brewing.  This beer is a collaboration between Stone, Victory and Dogfish Head.  It is a golden colored Sasion brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  This beer is outstanding.  The spices used in the beer make it something really different.  The nose is all sage.  The taste has the rosemary, thyme, sage, and hops.  It is like a hoppy beer with all the complex flavor but not all they bitterness.  If you ever see this beer get some.  This is only the first incarnation of the BUFF.  Both Victory and Dogfish Head plan to brew the same recipe  at their respective locations.

IMG 0807 225x300 Adventures   Driving up the 101.IMG 08061 225x300 Adventures   Driving up the 101.

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  1. Excellent review and info…thanks, Mike. A fellow homebrewer – NICE! I just picked up an 18lb grain bill and 8 ounce hop bill for an 90 Minute Imperial IPA. Not sure how sessionable this one will be, but it should be an experience nonetheless.

    I will post pics and blog about this brew on Sunday – my first all grain attempt!

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