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Event – Smuttynose Flash Mob

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5639484146 e96d394e9c z Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob I attended a gathering at Two Boots restaurant in Grand Central Terminal yesterday for a Smuttynose flash mob. Pat Fondiller (NY Field Sales Manager of Smuttynose) organized this gig so that craft beer lovers could gather, have a great IPA, and then dispose of the bottle properly in honor of Earth Day.

5638909327 5f321ecfb6 z Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob The IPA of choice for the event was none other than the Finest Kind. A great year round brew, the Smuttynose IPA is fresh, crisp, and hoppy - one of the most refreshing IPA's I have ever had, and quite frankly I think it's the best on the East Coast.

5639483484 1f24149d1e z Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob Pat picked up this sweet tub to hold the beers.

5639485128 7bb42a6a97 z Event   Smuttynose Flash MobA receptacle with Pat's home made-sign for disposing of the bottles.

5639483826 dde69869a6 z Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob They were already cold but we threw them on ice anyway.

5639485484 709c13b9d8 Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob Amidst the mob were employees of the craft beer industry. I briefly became acquainted with Jen from Schmaltz Brewing Company and her friend - his name however escapes me at the moment.

5639484896 9669accae1 Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob Two Boots has pizzas named after certain characters from television and film, including The Newman and Mr. Pink. The list goes on, but one that stood out for me was The Dude. This pizza is a cajun bacon cheeseburger pie with tasso ham, ground beef, cheddar and mozzarella. It sounded delicious but Pat ordered something else for us.

5638910945 14a551c68e z Event   Smuttynose Flash MobI remember him mentioning meat, bacon, and fresh garlic, it was banging! Crisp thick crust and fresh ingredients. Definitely some of the best slices I have had in the city.

5639496790 8aabd7e5df z Event   Smuttynose Flash Mob Doing my part and getting rid of the glass bottle. Such a sweet label.

5638910587 477a27a0bf Event   Smuttynose Flash MobWe came, we drank, we recycled - and made an awesome video. I can't think of a better way to promote Earth Day and drink some ice cold Smuttynose at the same time. Thanks to Pat Fondiller for bringing us out and thanks to everyone that showed up for the flash mob. It was a great event and I hope to do more in the future.



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