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Event – TAP NY Part 2

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If you haven't figured it out yet, TAP NY is pretty much exclusively for NY breweries, but there is an exception. New Jersey's own High Point Brewing, was on hand offering up quality brews, including: Double Platinum Blonde, Imperial Pilsner and the ever delicious Maibock. Being from the Garden State ourselves, we are privy of the Ramstein brew and love the fact they are able to share their delicious beer at this great festival.

5673894653 f6f73129f3 Event   TAP NY Part 2High Point Brewing qualified to be part of TAP NY, in the early days, back when it was just Hudson Valley breweries. The man you see above , Head Brewer and President; Greg Zaccardi, physically took a ruler to a map and discovered that he was "within range" of  the Hudson Valley region and qualified to have his beer at the festival full of NY breweries. Some of the NY breweries may frown at this, expecially when he takes home an award for one of his quality brews, but good beer is good beer. Congratulations by the way on taking home gold with Double Platinum Blonde!

5674456502 7bffae1934 z Event   TAP NY Part 2Chatham Brewing, from Chatham NY had an amazing ESB. I had to go back for a refill...such a good brew.

5674460296 0dba24d8e4 Event   TAP NY Part 2 One point of interest at the festival was the Suprenant's Berry Farm stand. They had home-made craft beer jellies and jams for sale. We had some samples, really enjoyed the spicier red pepper/garlic varieties more so than the sweet jellies.

5673909689 6b22ecbeba Event   TAP NY Part 2Another unique vendor was Spacey Tracey's. They specialized in pickled items such as garlic, peppers, carrots, and (of course) pickles.

5674478536 9d68367e0d Event   TAP NY Part 2 They had a nice spread out for people to sample the goods. Pickled garlic was amazing!

5674453678 9bbde63673 Event   TAP NY Part 2Now, back to the beer - we thought the best brews at the festival were from Three Heads Brewing located  in Rochester, NY.  While all their beers were quite delicious, their "Black Skunk" black IPA really stood out. A phenomenal beer.

5673883681 4e318c4c9f Event   TAP NY Part 2 I should have gotten one of these shirts, to represent! The designs come from a local Rochester artist, pretty sweet.

5673871659 fe38945036 Event   TAP NY Part 2 Schmaltz Brewing was on site, with offerings from both the Hebrew and Coney Island series. They brought out a fresh barrel of their famous Sword Swallower (an IPA brewed with lager yeast - India Pale Lager?).

5673882439 dc11b139f4 Event   TAP NY Part 2 They even found some of their brews turned into to jelly from the guys over at Suprenants Berry Farm.

5673863729 898367debc Event   TAP NY Part 2 As an outsider from the filthy foothills of New Jersey, I'm not too familiar with a lot of the NY breweries in attendance. Despite that, I was satisfied with some exceptional brews - especially Olde Saratoga Brewing's IPA and Barley Wine.

5673698003 96abf85cc9 Event   TAP NY Part 2 Half Time Beverage was on hand as well. They have the biggest selection of craft and micro brews in the world. Hell, not only do they have thousands of beers from around the world in one place, you can go for a growler fill and even buy from them online. I think a trip there is due in the near future.

5674463360 412e8748eb z Event   TAP NY Part 2 Greenport Harbor Brewing from Green Port, NY has an awesome logo and great beer to boot. We chit chatted with Rich Vandenburgh briefly, super nice guy, I do believe we will be taking a field trip to their facilities in the future as well.

5673897073 ee8753852d z Event   TAP NY Part 2 They were one of the few that had a cask beer in their line up. It was there Ahtamatic IPA ,which is essentially, their Disorient IPA but brewed with Ahtanum hops.

5673901843 d715796ff1 z Event   TAP NY Part 2Crossroads Brewing had some really good brews... I started off with their Outrage IPA which took home the John Calen Memorial Award for best English style Pale Ale. Not to long after sampling that, I noticed that they too had some cask beer which was their Outrage IPA. The cask version was dry hopped and smoother- We preferred the cask version over its force carbonated twin. Congrats on the award guys!

5673616137 35e7c72013 z Event   TAP NY Part 2Overall, TAP NY was a great time. Both the food and the beer we're enjoyed by everyone. Hunter Mountain did a fantastic job organizing and handling the event; I couldn't think of better venue for a statewide NY beer/food festival such as TAP. We're looking forward to next years event, and hope after seeing our experience, you are as well!

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