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Adventures – Ice Fishing

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DSCN4249 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing, where do I begin other then my friend Pete saying "If we don't catch anything at least we'll catch a buzz!" So we packed up the sled with, the necessary fishing gear, food and good brew so we were sure to have a good time.

DSCN4258 e1294681769102 225x300 Adventures   Ice Fishing
First step is drilling the hole with the auger, what a pain in the ass. If you can purchase the motorized auger go for it. Adam taking his stab at making the hole.

DSCN4257 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
After you drill the hole you have to clear out all that ice. This particular hole was 9 inches thick. Lots of team work going on here.

DSCN4263 e1294705769740 225x300 Adventures   Ice Fishing
I did not have my fishing license so I was instructed not to touch the tip-ups or fishing polls just incase some wild life official came by. Not a total disadvantage because that gave me a leg up on everyone and I started catching my buzz quicker then they were catching fish. Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA was first up. An excellent IPA, that was slowly turning to a slush in my cup.

DSCN4271 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
This is what you put in your hole, its called a tip-up. Basically the fish bites the bait down in the water and the flag goes up to let you know you got something. You have to be quick though, what ever the fish maybe it will take your bait and run.

DSCN4265 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
I decied to watch the baiting process of these tip-ups I wont post it due to its graphic nature how ever I will show you the shiners that were used.

DSCN4280 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
About an hour in just as the last hole was cleared out Pete was jigging the hole to check out the depth to see how far we wanted to put the bait and boom, Pete caught this sunny. Don't worry we practice and release.

DSCN4274 e1294706823792 225x300 Adventures   Ice Fishing
Feeling a little peckish off to the stash of Robertson's beef jerky

DSCN4272 e1294706936680 225x300 Adventures   Ice Fishing
I love this beer!! Thats all Im going to say, we are doing a separate post on it.

DSCN4284 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing

Pete is mesmerized that we caught a second fish!

DSCN4281 e1294706863365 225x300 Adventures   Ice Fishing

There was only 2 of these in the cooler we brought so of course I just had to have one. Thanks for leaving these in Adam's fridge Steve.

DSCN4297 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
So it got to be around 7:30 or so and we hadn't caught anything in a while but then.

DSCN4287 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
We caught a Catfish!!!! Although it was the last catch of the day and we didnt walk away with anything we could filet up, I couldn't believe the variety of fish we had caught through out the day.

DSCN4302 300x225 Adventures   Ice Fishing
After the last catch we hung out for a while longer passing around the last bit Glögg, I thought to myself how I would like to do this more often....

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