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Adventures – A Little Trip To PA

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DSCN3957 300x225 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

I took a trip out to Pennsylvania this past friday night to pick up a couple more bottles of Dark Intrigue and kick it with some friends.  First stop was The Drafting Room, in Downingtown. I have heard about this place time and time again, my cousin's have lived around the corner from this place for years and I finally had my first visit. They were having a Troegs night there, where they were tapping a fresh keg of 2010 Mad Elf, 2009 Mad Elf, a cask of Hop Back and a few scratch batches. I got there a little too late and they had already run out of #37 & #38 scratch batches which were both IPA's so I was a little disappointed. My whole reason for going was to get a scratch batch so they had one left, #36 dubbed "Bruce's Wit." Now I hate wheat beers but I just had to sample a scratch beer so I ordered it and was quite amazed, lots of flavor, good body and of course drinkable. In my opinion Dream Weaver wheat needs to be benched and substituted for Bruce's Wit, its a no brainer.
DSCN3958 300x225 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

My cousin Andy had a flight with; Dream Weaver, Java Head, Troeganator and #36 Bruces Wit. Java Head was the winner here! I have had in bottles but it seems more flavorful on draft.

DSCN3961 300x225 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

The highlight of my weekend was the bottle of Dogfish Head Bitches Brew that my buddy Dan picked up for me. His sister called about 30 places in the area to find a few bottles for her husband and struck gold when they found out a certain bar called The Devil's Den, had a case and half which landed bottles for all. Thanks for thinking of me Dan. I will have a separate post on this brew coming soon.

DSCN3976 300x225 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

Suprises kept coming, saturday morning the owner of my cousin's gym treated us to Shady Maple, an amazing buffet located in amish country, thanks Mark!  I haven't been to this place in about 5 years so I was pretty eager to eat as this is the best damn buffet I have ever been too!

DSCN3983 300x225 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

I couldn't help but to smother all my food in cream chipped beef!

DSCN3984 e1291659732396 225x300 Adventures   A Little Trip To PA

Shortly after breakfast I was on the road home again but first I had to stop at my favorite hot dog joint Yocco's.  All I will say is their hot dogs are so good that I bought  a "Pic-Nic-Pac" to go which you gives you everything you need to make their signature Yocco's dog; Chili, Mustard and Onion. That about does it, thanks to my cousin Andy and Hater Dan for an awesome Friday night filled with good beers and laughs.



Dogfish Head

The Drafting Room

Shady Maple


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