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Hanging Out In LBI

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So we went down to Long Beach Island NJ to celebrate our friends birthdays.  Aside from someone eating all the icing off the birthday cake we had some good food, delicious brew and a good time.  Im going to share pictures of the food and beer that was consumed on my end. We will have some more in depth post coming in the future so stay tuned.

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Can't  have a grilling session without the staples, macro shots on the burgers.

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Some well seasoned chicken awaiting Okies BBQ sauce.

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Here we have some raw picanha awaiting to hit the grill. My brazilian co-worker knows a butcher and we get about 30 steaks for 50 bucks, not a bad deal in my opinion.  Seasoned up with some rock salt, pepper and paprika.  Delicious!!!

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My first beer was a Troegs Rugged Trail Nut Brown Ale.  It wasn't exactly fresh as it was left from my last trip to the beach house but it sure went with the steak, eggs and waffles I had for brunch.

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The second beer that I had was Mischief from The Bruery.  The manager at my local beer store said it was pretty rare and since I have not had a brew by them I figured what the hell.  Not a big belgian fan but this one was quite the brew.  Light and very drinkable for an 8%avb beer.

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This is Brandon, he is going to be one of our many copntributors here at IDGB.  A student of Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Orlando FL.  He will be sharing many different recipes with our readers and testing out some new ones.

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My third brew of the weekend was Squall IPA from Dogfish Head.  This is  limited release brew from them and collaboration with Rogues Gallery clothing from Maine.  I really have no notes on this one other than it being pretty potent and hoppy.  I bought two of these so I have one stashed away for drinking in a few months.

4622049022 ae26c551e6 Hanging Out In LBI

Time to put some sauce on the chicken before throwing back on the grill.

4621445015 15f7258e05 Hanging Out In LBI

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.  I wasn't drinking this one but my pal Joel is very fond of stouts.  In fact its all he will drink unless its a Corona.

4621443939 30f4ac121b Hanging Out In LBI

Steaks and chicken cooked to perfection!

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4622051170 b259da021a Hanging Out In LBI

To go with this meal we have Tiny by Weyerbacher.  I dont have much on this beer as it is new from them but I can tell you its  Belgian Imperial Stout coming in at 11.8%, its smooth, roasty and very drinkable.  If you can find this, I suggest you grab a few bottles and stash them away.

4622049864 fe25054aca Hanging Out In LBI

My final plate of food before I hopped in the car to head back North.  I hope you enjoyed my first post, we will have much more coming from our other contributors real soon.


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